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Reforma: Mexicans are Interested in Investing in the US

Recently, our Executive Vice President Emilio Guzman sat down with Mexican news outlet Reforma to talk about the influx of Mexican Investors we've seen take an interest in the EB-5 Visa. "In recent months we have seen a very large boom in Mexican families who want to diversify their capital in the United States. They do it through investing in groups like us and also taking the opportunity of an investment and obtaining, migratory speaking, a Green Card," said Guzmán."

SA Today Ranks The Moon’s Daughter #1 Best Spot in San Antonio

The Moon's Daughters rooftop restaurant and bar hits every note, from the ambiance to the exceptional service, incredible food, gorgeous views of downtown San Antonio and phenomenal cocktails. This is an ideal place for a date night or special occasion of any kind.

Houston EB5 August Newsletter

Forbes: Summer’s Not Over Yet: Enjoy The Weather With These Luxury Rooftop Decks

The Thompson’s rooftop is an attraction of its own, featuring The Moon’s Daughters, a restaurant and bar overseen by chef Robert Cantu. Take in sprawling Downtown views from the outdoor seating, sample from the modern Meditarranean menu...

Forbes: The Perfect Weekend In San Antonio

Deep in the heart of Texas, San Antonio is enticing visitors with a buzzy culinary and arts scene that juxtaposes nicely with the historical attractions that remain a draw in this colonial city.

Houston EB5 July Newsletter

Twin Cities Live: Counter Trends with Rusco Kitchen Remodelers

Elizabeth from Twin Cities Live got a rundown on the latest counter trends from Romain Wiser from Rusco Kitchen Remodelers. And one of the hottest trends is porcelain – we learned more about porcelain products fabricated here in Minnesota by Moderno Porcelain Works!

Houston EB5 June Newsletter

Moderno Porcelain Works opens showroom in Minneapolis

Moderno Porcelain Works opened last week in the Second Street Business Center (2800 N. 2nd St.) on the edge of the Hawthorne neighborhood. The 20,700-square-foot space includes the showroom, fabrication shop and warehouse.

Houston EB5 May Newsletter