Immigration through Investment.

Get on the Fast-track permanent, legal residency in the U.S.

DC Partners, also known as Houston EB5, is a limited-liability corporation that was founded in 2010 for the purpose of helping foreign investors receive permanent residency in the United States, in return for making a qualified real estate investment in Houston's desirable real estate market.

Houston EB5 is offering foreign investors the opportunity to:

  • Complete capitalization of real estate development projects located in desirable development locations
  • Fast-track permanent, legal residency in the U.S. for investors and their immediate family without the usual roadblocks and/or red tape of the traditional immigration process
  • Share in the profits the development yields

The Houston EB5 opportunity is unique, even for an EB-5 Regional Center, in that it is one of the first EB-5 regional centers entirely focused on real estate ventures. Given that real estate investments remain much safer in nature than typical business investments, compounded with Houston's strong economic environment, participants in Houston EB5's projects can expect a more reliable and timely return on their investment.

An Introduction to Houston EB5

Current Projects