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Moderno Porcelain Works is the most successful operational business to offer EB-5 investment opportunities in the industry.

Moderno specializes in the fabrication and installation of ultra-luxe format porcelain panels in the residential and commercial markets. As the only company in North America using state-of-the-art fabrication machines and a proprietary installation process, Moderno is 100% dedicated to porcelain.

Houston EB5 chose to offer an EB-5 Visa investment in Moderno for several strategic reasons including the ability to provide repeatable, predictable results. Moderno has a mature business model with several large retail and builder accounts to service. 

EB-5 Investment Details
  • Each location creates 120 jobs (direct and indirect) 
  • Targeted Employment Area (TEA) – 10% visas set-asides
  • $3,000,000 total project cost (per location)
  • Small and manageable raises with 3-4 investors per location 
Current Service Locations

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Moderno has expanded to include locations in Miami, Central Texas, Twin Cities, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Orlando, Tampa, Denver, Phoenix, Nashville, and most recently, Atlanta. 

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