Invest Now to Adjust Status (H-1B/F-1/E-2/TN) and Receive Work Permit (EAD) and Travel Permit in as Fast as 90 Days

Latest USCIS FOIA Data Confirms our Reserved EB-5 Visa Predictions

High Unemployment TEA Retrogression Looming with I-526E Petitions in Pipeline Rural Set Asides: Visa Supply Greater than Apr 2022 – Oct 2023 Demand In October 2023, Houston EB5 was among the first in the EB-5 industry to present a detailed Visa Availability Analysis of the Reserved Visa Set Asides mandated by the “EB-5 Reform and […]

What is the I-956F Form?

Why is it important for EB-5 investors? Project Approval Application Form I-956F is an “Application for Approval of an Investment in a Commercial Enterprise”. In layman’s terms, it is the application that a Regional Center submits to the “US Citizenship and Immigration Service” (USCIS) for an EB-5Project’s approval. This form, mandated by the EB-5 “Reform […]

The EB-5 Visa: the Fast Green Card for H-1B Visa Holders

For highly skilled workers on an H-1B visa, transitioning to an EB-5 visa could quickly secure their future in the U.S., irrespective of their employment situation. Recent changes mandated by the “EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act” (RIA) now allow H-1B visa holders to file for an Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) concurrently with their EB-5 […]

June 2024 Visa Bulletin

EB-5 Set Asides: Remain “Current” for all countries including China, Taiwan and India; all qualifying investors in the US may file Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) Unreserved Visas (pre-RIA Investors): No advancement for China or India The June Visa Bulletin from the U.S. Department of State shows no change in the EB-5 visa categories from […]

Why We’re Optimistic about the Future of EB-5 Processing Times

Written By Suzanne Lazicki Suzanne Lazicki Suzanne Lazicki is the founder of Lucid Professional Writing, specializing in EB-5 business plans and immigration consulting. Holding an MBA and a summa cum laude B.A. in English, she is a respected author and expert, recognized as one of the top business plan writers in the EB-5 industry EB-5 […]

USCIS getting to EB-5 Rural I-526E Petitions Approvals in 4 Months

The EB-5 program has seen significant progress with numerous I-526E petitions for rural projects gaining approval in just six months. Some projects have even achieved this milestone in as little as 4.5 months. Houston EB5 is your source for updated information on expedited processing times and industry news. We invite you to learn more about […]

Key Insights into EB-5 Processing Times: Why now is the best time for investors to apply

From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic to as of recent, the EB-5 industry has seen a sharp increase in processing times. According to the latest data released by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the average standard I-526 processing time is 46 months. This has understandably deterred potential investors and made immigration attorneys […]

Ways to Mitigate Risk with Rural Projects

The landscape of EB-5 projects is undergoing a shift, with a growing interest in rural EB-5 projects due to upcoming retrogression in the high-unemployment TEA category. As investors from high-demand countries like India and China explore new opportunities, those from lower volume countries are also recognizing the advantages of rural EB-5 projects, including a faster […]

Immigration Risk Diligence

At Houston EB5, we understand the significance of due diligence in EB-5 projects. Through our sister development firm, DC Partners, we carefully select projects that have met our strict underwriting requirements. We’re so confident in our EB-5 projects that we invest alongside our EB-5 investors and can only receive our share of profits or exit […]