Invest Now to Adjust Status (H-1B/F-1/E-2/TN) and Receive Work Permit (EAD) and Travel Permit in as Fast as 90 Days

Evaluating an EB-5 Project’s Source of Capital

For foreigners pursuing an EB-5 visa through a regional center, the investment process may seem mechanical, but deciding on an investment goes beyond immigration qualifications and compliance with relevant laws. Investors should scrutinize if the investment not only secures permanent residency but also ensures a high likelihood for repayment of their capital. EB-5 investments are […]

Why do Developers want to use Funds from EB-5 Investors?

The EB-5 program is responsible for contributing more than $51 billion into the U.S. economy since the program’s inception in 1990. During the 07-09 Subprime Mortgage Lending crisis, the program experienced rapid growth. This was because real estate developers discovered a new method of raising funds for their projects. This occurred when traditional lending and […]

How likely is a 2 year EB-5 repayment with high interest rates?

On October 11, 2023, USCIS gave guidance on the minimum investment timeframe for new EB-5 investors.  Their interpretation of the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (RIA) is not yet in the USCIS Policy Manual and may get challenged in court as there are regional centers that’re trying to lobby against this provision. However, […]

As an F-1 student, what are my Green Card options?

Upon graduating from university, most of the +1 million F-1 Visa holders look for alternative Visa solutions that allow them to continue living in the US while pursuing employment opportunities. However, for F-1 students, the journey to a Green Card can be very long and plagued with uncertainty. The EB-5 Visa provides a direct path to […]

Replacing Debt with EB-5 Capital, how far back can you go?

Navigating through the EB-5 Bridge Financing Maze. ** Replacing Debt for EB-5 capital  in Construction Loans? How far back is it safe to replace bridge capital? At Houston EB5, our goal is to always inform potential EB-5 investors in the clearest way possible. As a team of immigrants, we want you to have a successful […]

Can investors expect EB5 capital return in 2 Years?

Unpacking the USCIS EB-5 Guidance 2023 on EB-5 Sustainment Period changes. At Houston EB5 we know that clear EB5 insights and unbiased information on EB5 news is crucial for one’s EB-5 due diligence. As a team of immigrants, we prioritize nothing more than transparency. This has helped hundreds of our EB-5 investors get their Green […]

Key Insights into EB-5 Processing Times: Why now is the best time for investors to apply

From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic to as of recent, the EB-5 industry has seen a sharp increase in processing times. According to the latest data released by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the average standard I-526 processing time is 46 months. This has understandably deterred potential investors and made immigration attorneys […]

Applying for an EB-5 Visa? Here’s What You Need To Know


The EB-5 visa was created for qualified foreign investors interested in obtaining a U.S. green card. The investor must invest a minimum of $1,050,000 — or $800,000 if investing in a targeted employment area — into a business or project that benefits the U.S. economy and creates 10 full-time jobs. The EB-5 visa is one […]

EB-5 Investment Trends for 2023: What to Know for Your Investment


If the EB-5 path to residency was a metaphorical door, the investment portion would be the key. This investment funds EB-5 projects and creates the required number of jobs, unlocking the EB-5 door to residency. By familiarizing yourself with current trends in EB-5 projects, you can start creating a key capable of opening the right […]

How The New EB-5 Law Stimulates Investments In Rural Areas

President and CEO of Houston EB5 and a Forbes Council Member, Roberto Contreras highlights the benefits stemming from the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act, passed by Congress in 2022. Amongst these are priority processing, visa set-asides, rural investments and other considerations. Read the full article here