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Jordan Lawrence

Director of Operations

Developing new relationships with partners in the immigration investment industry is at the heart of what Jordan Lawrence does. Cultivating a network that spans attorneys, wealth managers, international realtors, private bankers and more, Mr. Lawrence is tasked with helping promote awareness of immigration solutions.

From hosting webinars and drafting business plans to bringing in investors and facilitating case files, Mr. Lawrence serves as a prominent face of the company. Always reaching out to as many client channels as possible, he attends a considerable number of the industry’s events, including virtual and in-person immigration conferences.

Before joining Houston EB5, Mr. Lawrence worked as a real estate investment analyst where he honed his skills in underwriting, pro formas, and analyzing potential investments, also monitoring the performance of current assets. What attracted him most to Houston EB5 is how his hometown of Houston exemplifies the beauty of immigration being at the core of United States history. Mr. Lawrence considers it extremely humbling to be trusted with helping clients create better lives for generations to come.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, as well as his local church community, and exploring all that the city of Houston has to offer, especially if it involves a round of golf.