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Melissa Gerhold

Marketing Manager

Joining the Houston EB5 team in early 2020 as Marketing Manager, Melissa Gerhold is responsible for several key strategic initiatives, including website management, maintaining various social media channels, and continuing brand development. In addition to also devising and monitoring budgets and goals, she oversees the production of all marketing materials and content creation, such as copywriting and graphic design work for numerous projects, covering both digital and print.

Possessing several years of crucial agency experience in the advertising industry, Ms. Gerhold is a “Swiss Army Knife” in terms of her unique skillset, armed with a versatile background in the marketing and communications world. While wearing many hats, she quickly discovered a passion for helping business clients achieve measurable results that lead to financial success. 

Having attended the University of Texas at Austin, Ms. Gerhold remains a proud Longhorns fan to this day. An active lover of all things outdoors, you can frequently spot her on weekends hiking or biking along the Buffalo Bayou trails with her dog.