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4 Services We Provide to Our EB-5 Investors

If you are hoping to get an EB-5 green card, you may be looking at potential regional centers and their projects. Coming to the U.S. on an investment visa allows you to live anywhere you want in the States. At Houston EB5, we offer multiple services to help you get your green card.

How the EB5 Program Works

To participate in the EB-5 program, you should invest at least $1,050,000 in an approved project in the United States. Your investment can be lowered to $800,000 if you choose a project in a rural area or area with high unemployment. You will need to provide proof of how you obtained the funds to invest. They can be from your income, a gift or inheritance, a loan, or from any other documentable source of legal funds. 

Houston EB5 features multiple projects, which you can choose from for your investment. You can fill out an application and provide the funds to be put into escrow. Your next step is to submit an application for a conditional visa with the required documents. 

After the petition has been approved, you can move to the U.S. and live here for the next two years. You can work and go to school anywhere you want. At the end of the two years, you can apply for a new visa with no conditions attached. When the visa is approved, you are a permanent resident and can then apply for citizenship after five years. 

Your first step is to choose a regional center to work with, then select a project. You will find several reasons to make Houston EB5 your regional center. Here are a few services we provide:

Services We Provide to EB-5 Investors

1. Projects With Lower Risk

One of the main benefits of working with Houston EB5 is that we are owners of each project we offer to investors. Other regional centers act as the middleman, raising funds for the project but not being actively involved in it. 

Because we put our own capital into these ventures, we have already vetted them and looked at the details of the project. We take on some of the risk, which makes it a lower-risk opportunity for you. 

The way we make our money is through the success of the projects. You can be more confident in choosing one of our projects for your EB-5 green card. We are dedicated to providing successful projects for our investors at a lower risk.

2. Project Management

When you choose Houston EB5 as your regional center, you do not need to worry about handling the day-to-day management or overseeing operations. We take care of that responsibility by monitoring the progress of the project and improving cost savings for a better return on investment.

We keep track of the investment funds and how they are being used. Our team can provide investors with records that show the status of the project and the funds. Because we manage these projects, you are able to reside anywhere in the United States. Once you need records to move forward with the process of getting an unconditional green card, our team can provide them. 

3. Documentation for EB-5 Green Cards

When your attorney fills out Petition I-526E, we will provide the necessary documentation on the project and your investment. We work with your immigration attorney to expedite the process of getting you the visa.

You’ll have a conditional green card for two years. At that time, you can petition to have the conditions removed. Once this time period is up, you can have your immigration attorney file a Petition I-829 for an unconditional visa. 

For your petition to be granted, you will need documentation showing you completed the requirements for the program. Houston EB5 takes care of all necessary paperwork for the project. We can prove where your funds were used and that the project provided the necessary jobs. 

4. Assistance Through the Process

You can contact Houston EB5 anytime through the process if you have questions. Our team will also discuss the projects with you and answer any concerns you may have. With our team, investors can get the assistance they need to get through the process smoothly. We work with you directly while also investing in the project with you. We are immigrant owned and run, which means we have firsthand experience with the immigration process and are here to support you however we can.

If you are ready to get your visa and the EB-5 program sounds like the right fit, contact Houston EB5 to find out if you are eligible. Let our team help you choose the right project and help you get your EB-5 green card. We’re by your side through the whole process. Contact us today to learn more about the program and how it can work for you.