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6 Benefits of Working with Houston EB-5 for Your Green Card

If you want to get your EB5 green card, partner with a company that can help you achieve your goals. Houston EB-5 has successfully assisted many investors in getting their green cards and meeting the EB5 visa requirements.

What Is Houston EB-5?

Houston EB-5 was founded almost three decades ago. Our founder, Roberto Contreras Sr., obtained his own green card through an investment that qualified as EB-5. He later received his citizenship, all from investing in a stone fabrication company, which is similar to one of the current Houston EB-5 offerings.

Contreras founded multiple companies, continually working to achieve the American dream. In 2011, Houston EB5 was founded and headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company helps international investors find legitimate investment opportunities that provide them with the ability to move to the United States with an EB5 visa.

Some of our projects have been nominated for the Houston Business Journal Landmark Awards. These are projects that make a significant impact on the economy of Houston and help develop the image of the city.

In 2019, Houston EB5 introduced Moderno Porcelain Works, which provides investors with a unique opportunity to move to the US even sooner. In 2021, the company celebrated its 10th year of success. We have developed solid relationships with many countries, including Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Colombia, China, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Turkey, and Abidjan.

If you are ready to invest in a project, here are six benefits of working with Houston EB5 for EB5 visas.

1.) Principal Ownership

Houston EB5 never presents a project as an opportunity unless we have first invested our own money. This allows us to thoroughly investigate the opportunity and determine if it is financially sound, if it will benefit Houston, and if it will meet the EB5 visa requirements.

Other EB5 agencies act as middlemen. They broker the deal, but they may not be as knowledgeable about the details of the project as the investors might hope.

2.) Shared Risk

Because we invest our own capital in these EB5 projects, we share in the risk with our investors. Other regional center models don’t invest in their own projects, which means the clients must absorb all the risk. With this difference in philosophy, the results are also quite distinct. When you partner with Houston EB5, you have a lower risk and higher return.

3.) Distinct Profitability

Another benefit to working with Houston EB5 is how we profit from the partnership and what that means for you. Because we are invested in each project we promote, our profit comes from the project’s success.

Other regional centers make their profit by raising and loaning out funds for the EB5 projects. None of their money is involved, but they receive a profit from making the loans through EB5 funds.

To increase profitability with each project, Houston EB5 is vertically integrated with the developer of the project to control savings, which are passed on to the investors. Your success is our success!

4.) Project Management

Houston EB5 manages the project until its completion. Once you have provided the investment funds for your EB5 green card requirements, you no longer have to be involved in the project. You aren’t obligated to oversee the daily operations or keep track of records. Houston EB5 takes care of this aspect of the project for you.

While you aren’t required to be involved, Houston EB5 does provide regular reports on the progress of whatever project you are invested in. We keep track of the creation of jobs and the status of your funds within the project.

5.) Petition Documentation

To get your EB5 green card, you must provide a significant amount of documentation. Some of that paperwork is your responsibility, such as providing evidence of where the investment funds came from. Other documentation is focused on the project itself. Houston EB5 can take care of this request.

We work with the immigration attorneys on your petition. Our team keeps detailed documentation on projects and on your investment. We can show that you have fulfilled the EB5 visa requirements for the immigration program. When you need it, we supply documentation for your tax returns as well.

6.) Consistent Contact

We are a point of contact throughout the EB5 program. We’ll answer your questions, help you complete paperwork and get your EB5 green card and get the restrictions removed once the project has been completed.

If you’re at the point of just doing research, you can contact us to find out if you’re eligible. We can discuss our open projects to see if one is a fit for you. While the minimum investment amount is $1,050,000, we also have projects that qualify for the EB5 Rural Program.

With this program, projects are located in rural development areas or target employment areas (TEAs). TEAs have an unemployment rate of 1.5 times higher than the national average. The minimum investment amount is $800,000, and it allows you to qualify for priority processing, which is much faster than the standard processing time.

Getting Your EB5 Green Card

When you decide to apply for an EB5 green card, both you and your family can qualify. This program includes unmarried children under the age of 21. You can work anywhere in the US. This program doesn’t require you to live within the vicinity of the project you are funding.

You can continue to travel around and outside of the US without applying for a visa. After five years, you may apply for full citizenship for yourself and your family. You can even develop your own business during this time or work anywhere you want. The program is designed to be flexible.

If the EB5 program sounds like the right avenue for you and your family, contact Houston EB5 to find out if you qualify. We’ll help you get the process started and introduce you to projects that will meet the requirements of your investment. Our goal is to help your dream become a reality; we will be with you every step of the way.