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Could Direct EB-5 Processing Times Be Faster?

As the Regional Center program has expired, does the United States and Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have more time to process Direct EB-5?

Christian Triantaphyllis, partner at the Texas-based law firm Jackson Walker LLP and a Top 25 Immigration Attorney per EB5 Investors Magazine, believes it’s quite possible.

“If they have that many resources that are keying in on the Direct EB-5 program,” says Triantaphyllis, “and considering the very small number of Direct EB-5s that are pending with USCIS right now, it seems like that would allow them to get through the inventory much, much faster.”

The Managing Director of Houston EB5 Roberto Contreras IV cites some evidence supporting the same belief. “Though processing times are never easy to predict,” he says, “we are seeing receipts issued in as little as one week, compared to over one month with Regional Center filings earlier this year. This could certainly be attributed to the USCIS putting its full attention to Direct EB-5s.”

Additionally, with more complex structures and indirect job creation analysis, it could be reasonable to believe that processing times might take longer for investments through Regional Centers. Direct EB-5 investments are by definition much more direct. In an investment structure sense, investors are directly investing into the job creating entity. In a job creation sense, jobs are being created directly in the same entity in which the investors have invested. Generally speaking, the paper trail is much smaller compared to Regional Center investments.

This idea was echoed by Bernard Rojano, who has witness that Direct EB5s tend to be faster even when the Regional Center program is open. As the Principal and Lead Consultant for Xecute EB-5 Business Plan Solutions, one of the oldest and top EB-5 immigration investment consulting firms in the U.S., Rojano sees plenty of reason to be optimistic about faster processing times for direct investments.

“The complexity of direct cases is not typically as complex to document as a Regional Center project might be,” Rojano says. “From the business plan to the ownership structure to the subscription document and job creation information, we are seeing the adjudication of direct cases that seem to take less time than a Regional Center project that has multiple investors.”

It is clear that in addition to being able to invest at a lower amount, an additional bonus to making a Direct investment in the near future could be faster processing times.

Why Houston EB5 Offers Direct Investing through Moderno Porcelain Works

Always looking after the best interest of their clients and being early to offer as many pathways to U.S. citizenship as possible, the team at Houston EB5 is unique in that the company was founded by immigrants who also utilized the program themselves to achieve the American dream. Having a background as a USCIS Regional Center and being vertically integrated with Moderno Porcelain Works, Houston EB5 is able to offer what it feels is one of the best EB-5 investment offerings.

Each new Moderno Porcelain Works location is in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) that creates between 55-60 direct jobs. With 4 investors needed per location, this exceeds the minimum requirement of 10 jobs needed prior to green card approval. Opening its doors in 2019 from their Headquarters in Houston, TX, the same team that was highly successful bringing quartz countertops to the U.S. market has now accurately predicted the new trend in surfacing – large format porcelain. With locations already fully operational in Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, San Diego, CA, Dallas, Austin, Los Angles and Orlando, funds are currently being raised for new locations in Albuquerque, Tampa Bay, Sacramento and Chicago.

Do I Qualify for a Direct Investment?

Interested in seeing if you qualify for a direct investment in Moderno Porcelain Works through Houston EB5? As a trusted resource for all of the latest information on available avenues for immigration investment, Houston EB5’s leadership team is always willing to lend a helping hand. Discuss Direct EB-5 investment opportunities with your immigration attorney or reach out to Houston EB5 for a free, no-obligation consultation.