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EB5 Program Source of Funds for China

Are you a Chinese investor interested in the EB5 Program, but want to know more about Source of Funds? Read on below to learn more about Source of Funds and what you’ll need as a Chinese national to go through the EB5 Program process.

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Source of Funds: What You Need to Know

The EB5 Program requires proof of Source of Funds not only from Chinese investors, but from all investors going through the process.

Providing your Source of Funds means you must prove that your investment was obtained through lawful means. Funds can come from accumulation of income, sale of property, gifts, inheritance, and other means. All funds must be sourced and explained.

“The touchstone is always going to be gathering a sufficient amount of information to share the lawful nature of the source and the path of the funds. Because it’s the investor’s burden to provide this documentation to the government; it’s not the other way around.”

Alexander Perez, an immigration attorney at Houston’s Foster Global Immigration Solutions, says the Source of Funds is primarily based on your specific situation:

“The Source of Funds Checklist we provide is really more based on scenario and less on country,” says Perez. “Obviously, each country has its own idiosyncrasies. With China, there are some unique things that we would ask for. They have Work Income Certificates in China that are unique to that country and not found elsewhere.

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EB5 Program Backlog Information for Chinese Nationals

Aspiring investors should know that there is a backlog for Chinese investors in the EB5 Program due to the limited number of visas. This backlog simply makes the process take a bit longer than usual. Perez describes the backlog like a water hose:

If you think about it as an analogy, it’s like a hose. People are running through the hose like water. Basically, because there are so many Chinese people running through the hose, the United States has turned the faucet off, turned the spigot off a little bit to slow down the flow of Chinese [investors], so they can make sure that people from other countries are getting through in sufficient numbers.

While this backlog does make the process take longer for Chinese investors, this does not mean you shouldn’t apply. There are so many great benefits to the EB5 Program – check them out here. It’s one of the best ways to obtain your U.S. Green Card as a Chinese national.

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