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Houston EB5 Proudly Shares USCIS I-956F Project Approval for The Allen

2.2X the required number of jobs created, luxury Thompson Hotel operating, 3-year repayment.

Clear path to I-526E and I-829 approvals. Only 4 EB-5 Units Remaining!

Houston EB5 is proud to share the I-956F Project Approval for The Allen from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) under the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act (RIA). This major approval is much more than a procedural milestone: it underscores the project’s strict adherence to the standards of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program and establishes The Allen as one of the safest and most attractive $1.05M EB-5 investment in the marketplace for Permanent Residency and a quick repayment of capital.

The Best Lifestyle in Houston

The Allen in Houston epitomizes luxury high-rise living, combining modern amenities with an unbeatable location overlooking Buffalo Bayou Park, close to the theater district and River Oaks. Developed by DC Partners and featuring a 172-key Thompson Hotel, The Allen offers everything from pet-friendly facilities and room service to private outdoor spaces and high-tech amenities, redefining hotel-condo living. The 99 Residences at The Allen boast luxurious condos with chef-inspired kitchens, Italian cabinetry, and breathtaking views, catering to those desiring maintenance-free lifestyle without compromising on luxury, making it a highly desirable investment for those seeking to fast-track their EB-5 visa.

The I-956F Approval: A Green Light for EB-5 Investors

The Allen’s I-956F project approval is essential for EB-5 investors as it verifies the legitimacy and compliance of a project with USCIS regulations, enhancing investor confidence by demonstrating that the project has undergone rigorous scrutiny. This approval is critical as it not only ensures the project is structured to meet immigration and investment objectives, including job creation, but also provides a secure pathway to U.S. residency. Furthermore, it signifies that the project is viable and managed effectively, which is pivotal for attracting EB-5 capital and fulfilling the requirements necessary for investors to obtain permanent residency.

The Allen: Safest Path to Permanent Green Card

The Allen I-956F project approval ensures that all I-526E Petitions submitted by The Allen investors for Conditional Residency will be approved, subject only to the investor’s Source and Path of Funds approvability. The Allen, which is now 98% finished with construction, has generated 2,803 jobs, providing a robust 2.2X job cushion for Permanent Green Cards for all the investors. Additionally, 83 pre-RIA investors have already received their I-526 approvals, demonstrating the enhanced processing efficiency of USCIS.

Furthermore, since more than enough jobs have already been created, the approval of not only the I-526E Petitions for Conditional Permanent Residency of all investors are assured from the project should the source and path of funds of the investors be approvable, but also their I-829 Petitions for Permanent Green Cards.