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Immigration Risk Diligence

At Houston EB5, we understand the significance of due diligence in EB-5 projects. Through our sister development firm, DC Partners, we carefully select projects that have met our strict underwriting requirements. We’re so confident in our EB-5 projects that we invest alongside our EB-5 investors and can only receive our share of profits or exit the project after our EB-5 clients have first been paid their dividends and original investment. As an industry leader, we are committed to helping potential EB-5 applicants make informed decisions while safeguarding their investments. Here is more information about immigration and investment risk due diligence in EB-5 projects and how Houston EB5’s comprehensive services can guide investors:

Understanding Immigration Risks in EB-5 Projects

Investing in EB-5 projects comes with immigration risks, and being aware of these risks can be helpful throughout the process of selecting an investment opportunity. Failure to meet job creation goals, visa retrogression, and waiting periods may delay immigration outcomes. EB-5 program policy changes may also affect project and application requirements and processing times. The demand for EB-5 visas can sometimes exceed the annual supply for specific high-volume countries like India and China, resulting in extended waiting periods until visa availability. Investors from these countries should know of ways to mitigate the risk, like set-aside visas or plan for potential delays in obtaining their green cards. EB-5 investors should also be cautious of fraudulent individuals or companies promising guaranteed immigration outcomes or unrealistic returns. Conduct background checks and seek professional legal advice to help mitigate the risk of falling victim to these. While there cannot be guarantees for repayment of EB-5 investments, the regional center’s track record of returning EB-5 funds will be the best indicator of what you can expect regarding your process. By understanding all of the above, investors can make informed decisions and mitigate risks to their immigration processes. 

By partnering with reputable regional centers, investors gain access to a network of professionals specializing in the EB-5 program. We work alongside immigration attorneys who can provide legal advice and help investors understand the intricacies of the EB-5 petition. Houston EB5’s team of immigration experts has established a strong reputation for trustworthiness and credibility. With a team of experienced professionals, we can provide valuable knowledge and guidance throughout the investment and immigration process. 

Conducting Immigration Risk Due Diligence

Assessing the projected job creation helps determine its ability to meet USCIS job creation requirements. Background checks on developers and management teams help evaluate their reputation and competence. Reviewing the project’s financial viability, capital structure, and compliance with securities laws lets you gauge whether a project will be a sound investment opportunity. Assessing risk mitigation strategies and seeking professional advice from immigration attorneys and due diligence experts can further enhance investor protection. 

Houston EB5’s adherence to rigorous due diligence standards and compliance with immigration regulations lends to our credibility experience. Our long-standing presence in the EB-5 industry and positive client testimonials further validate the legitimacy and effectiveness of our services. 

Differences Between Investing Directly as a Stand-Alone Applicant and Through a Regional Center

When investing directly, the investor is solely responsible for creating the required number of jobs within the project. This places the burden of job creation and its associated risks on the investor. In contrast, investing through a regional center allows investors to rely on indirect and induced job creation, reducing stress and burden in the job creation process.

Regional centers provide a curated portfolio of projects, offering a broader range of options that have undergone comprehensive due diligence by the regional center. Direct Stand-Alone investors require active management and monitoring of the project by the investor. They must actively oversee the project’s progress, financials, job creation, and compliance. Investing through a regional center allows investors to play a more passive role as the regional center takes on management and oversight responsibilities.

Direct investors are responsible for maintaining accurate records and reporting job creation to USCIS directly. Working with a regional center relieves investors of this administrative burden and provides less immigration risk, as the job creation numbers are typically much higher due to the ability to count indirect and induced job creation.

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