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Top 5 Things Nigerians Need to Know about the Houston EB5 Program

Nigerian nationals, if you’re looking to invest and immigrate through the Houston EB5 Program, there’s a few things you need to know to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Read on to find out what you need to know.

5) There’s No Backlog

“One of the most unique things about the EB5 Program for Nigerian investors in particular is the fact that there’s no backlog for the Green Card under the EB5 category,” says Alexander Perez, an immigration attorney for Houston-based Foster Global Immigration Solutions.

Unlike Chinese nationals, Nigerian investors are able to move through the EB5 process as quickly as possible.

“There’s no wait,” says Perez. “When [Nigerian nationals] get to the second step and request the conditional Green Card, they don’t have to wait, like a Chinese national investor has to at this point.”

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4) There’s No Backlog Coming Anytime Soon, Either

“You go straight through the process,” says Perez. “There is not sufficient demand from investors using the EB5 category from this country to cause any sort of slowdown or backlog through the process.”

While popularity of the EB5 program is certainly growing, Nigerian investors can rest assured that this popularity will not affect the timeline of the process.

”There is no reasonable expectation that in the coming years there will be any sort of backlog imposed,” says Perez.

3) Documents Needed for Source of Funds

Source of Funds – Providing your Source of Funds means you must prove that your investment was obtained through lawful means. Funds can come from accumulation of income, sale of property, gifts, inheritance, and other means. All funds must be sourced and explained.

In addition, tax documentation is very valuable for the Source of Funds. While the U.S. and Nigeria have very different taxation systems, be aware that this is not going to be disqualifying in any way.

The most important document you should obtain is your Tax Clearance Certificate, which shows that you’ve met your tax reporting and payment requirements.

“It’s going to be a very helpful piece of evidence to include in the source of funds,” says Perez.

2) You Can Only Do Your Consulate Interview in One Place in Nigeria

When you make the request for your conditional Green Card after the approval of your I-526 petition, you will need to attend a consulate interview. This interview can only be held at the U.S. Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria.

“That is the only post in Nigeria that adjudicates or handles that type of interview,” says Perez. “They’re going to be processed there, even if they don’t live in Lagos.”

So keep in mind that you may need to travel to complete the interview process.

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1) Your Immigration Status Elsewhere Can Affect Your Interview

If you happen to be a Nigerian national living in another country while going through the EB5 process, you may be in luck; you can possibly hold your interview in the country you’re currently living in rather than having to travel to Lagos.

“If you have a legal immigration status in that [other] country, then it is possible to process through that other consulate or embassy,” says Perez. “But barring that, they would process through the same country as their passport, their country of nationality.”

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Top 5 Things a Nigerian National Needs to Know about the Houston EB5 Program | Houston EB5 – Houston, TX