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White Paper: Top 10 Qualifying Rural Area for EB-5 Investments

Discover the Top 10 Rural Areas for EB-5 Investments with solid data. Investors looking into rural projects for priority processing and the highest allocation of set-aside EB-5 visas may be risking their capital from lack of objective information.

In contrast to widely available data on urban areas, rural information can be scarce. As rural projects vary greatly, finding a project that serves unmet and vigorously growing demand, instead of a seasonal or volatile market, is key in determining the likelihood of return of capital.

Think tank has conducted the most comprehensive research to date on small-town America. They identified the Most Dynamic Micropolitan Areas based on resilience, economic diversity, growth potential, connectivity, and regional tourism appeal.

The white paper below filtered the HF database from an EB-5 perspective. It ranks those that fit for designated rural EB-5 visas (outside MSA limits and population less than 20,000) that are less than 1.5 hours’ drive from fast-growing large metros. This is a key driver for project success as the proximity to supplies, contractors, and skilled labor in large metros assures reduced costs. Demand from large cities within short distance is also vital for profitability. The following resources might help in rural project due diligence:

Ways to Mitigate Risk with Rural Projects 

Rural EB-5 Processing Times

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