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4 Services We Provide to Our EB-5 Investors


If you are hoping to get an EB-5 green card, you may be looking at potential regional centers and their projects. Coming to the U.S. on an investment visa allows you to live anywhere you want in the States. At Houston EB5, we offer multiple services to help you get your green card. How the […]

The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022


The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 is well-received news for people interested in immigrating to the United States. The Act makes changes that benefit people who apply for EB-5 green cards. Here are some of the more significant changes the Act made to the EB-5 program. Reduced Uncertainty for EB-5 Visas The EB-5 […]

Why Work with Houston EB5 as Your Regional Center


When participating in the EB-5 program, you have several different regional centers to choose from. At Houston EB5, we offer several benefits to investors who choose us. Here are some reasons to choose Houston EB5 as your EB-5 regional center:  Who We Are Houston EB5 was founded in 2011, but our history goes back to […]

Can I Stay in the US While Waiting for an EB5?


The EB5 green card and visa option allows investors and their families to become US citizens. If you make eligible investments into creating or preserving jobs in the US, you can qualify for a green card and citizenship. At Houston EB5, we focus on helping immigrants get their green cards via the EB5 route. You […]

If I Choose Houston EB5 Should I Move to Texas?


When inquiring about the EB-5 program, several questions may arise about location and requirements. Houston EB5 is a Texas-based regional center, but investors do not need to live in Texas to receive this type of green card. Regardless of where you choose to live within the United States, Houston EB5 can help you gain your […]

Priority Processing: What to Expect

If you’re interested in obtaining an EB5 visa, you may want to know what priority processing looks like. You also will likely have basic questions regarding how much the investment amount is and what you need to do to be approved. Here are some guidelines on what you can expect regarding the EB5 visa and […]

How We’ll Help You Navigate the I-829 Petition

Filing the I-829 Form is one of the final steps of the EB-5 visa process and the route to becoming a permanent resident, with the possibility of becoming a United States citizen. When filing for a visa through an EB-5 regional center, you will have an extension of conditional residency until your I-829 petition is […]

Vertical Integration: How We Control Project Savings

Investing large sums of money can be stressful. You want to be sure that your investment is as safe as possible, especially if there is more than money at stake. Houston EB5 was founded by immigrants who understand your concerns. We care as much about your immigration success and investment as you do, so we […]

Is It Hard To Get an EB-5 Visa?

The EB-5 visa program is one of the best ways for immigrant investors to gain permanent residency in the US. You need to make the required EB-5 investment and create ten full-time jobs for qualified US employees. Houston EB5 can guide you to meet the investment and job creation requirements, simplifying the process of getting […]

From Preparation to I-829 Petition: Our Process

EB 5 visas are what we do best here at Houston EB5. Our preparation process gets you through the investment phase all the way to an I-829 petition. Immigration can be intimidating and difficult to understand. Here is what our process looks like: What Is the EB5 Immigrant Investor Program? Under the EB5 program, investors, […]