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Can I Stay in the US While Waiting for an EB5?

The EB5 green card and visa option allows investors and their families to become US citizens. If you make eligible investments into creating or preserving jobs in the US, you can qualify for a green card and citizenship. At Houston EB5, we focus on helping immigrants get their green cards via the EB5 route. You can apply while living in the US or abroad, depending on the expiration date stapled to your arrival–departure card.

Does Applying for EB5 Allow Me To Stay in the US?

Successfully applying for an EB5 green card can help you become a US citizen. You’ll need to meet eligibility requirements and file form I-526 to qualify for the EB5 investor green card. Applying for an EB5 doesn’t extend your stay in the country since you may or may not be approved for the visa. If your form I-526 is approved before your status in the US expires, you can remain in the country as you wait for your EB5 visa. 

The EB5 visa application process takes several months, so your status may expire before your petition is approved. If that’s the case, you’ll have to go back home or explore other options to renew or extend your stay in the US. The only way to continue living in the US is through a valid non-immigrant status. If you’re in the US, you can apply for a green card following I-526 approval, but status adjustment takes time. Your attorney can help you determine the best option.

At Houston EB5, we provide a regional center to help you with the selection aspect of your application. Applying for an EB5 visa takes you one step closer to becoming a US citizen. If your visa is approved before your non-immigrant status expires, you can apply for a green card to avoid going back home. You can also explore other visa options to extend your stay while waiting for the EB5 visa.

How Can I Stay in the US While Waiting for an EB5?

Investors applying for an EB5 visa have two main options when staying in the US. The first option is through status adjustment, and the second is through other non-immigrant visas. You need a valid visa to visit the US. The visa can be for travel/tour, business, holiday, visiting a spouse/friend, school, employment, or other.

Each visa has a specific entry and expiriration date. You must exit the country immediately if your status expires unless you have another valid visa.

1.    Using Non-immigrant Visa

If you wish to stay in the US during your EB5 application, you must have a valid visa that allows you to live in the country. Check your arrival-departure card to see the expiry date. If your visa expires before your I-526 form is approved, look for ways to renew your stay. You can adjust your status to stay longer in the US. Consider travel visas and other opportunities to extend your stay. 

Some extensions may require leaving the country first, so you must understand each option. At Houston EB5, we focus on helping immigrants and applicants choose the best projects for easy approval. Our regional center is certified by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) and specializes in I-526 and I-829 approvals.

Extending your stay in the US allows you to wait for your EB5 visa without leaving the country. You can use the time to streamline your business and make sure you’re eligible for the EB5 investor visa. Houston EB5 is responsible for more than a thousand green cards and sponsors many projects to help investors get green cards and attain US citizenship.

2.    Adjusting Residency Status

The EB5 visa application process is slow, but your approval may coincide with your stay in the country. You can adjust your status if your form I-526 is approved while you have a valid non-immigrant visa. An EB5 visa lets you apply for a green card to stay in the US. The visa also offers a solid foundation for becoming a US citizen later.

Getting an EB5 visa permits you to stay in the country but doesn’t make you a US citizen. You must follow the due process to complete the residency application and approval. Not all holders of EB5 visa become US citizens. You must abide by all requirements and exhibit a clean track record to increase your odds of getting a permanent green card.

At Houston EB5, we provide professional assistance for investors looking to find the best projects in Texas. Our regional center has helped many investors find projects that eventually get approved when looking to fulfill the terms of your EB5 visa. If you’re looking to invest in the Houston area and immigrate to the US through the EB5 investor provision, our regional center is a great choice.

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