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Why Work with Houston EB5 as Your Regional Center

When participating in the EB-5 program, you have several different regional centers to choose from. At Houston EB5, we offer several benefits to investors who choose us. Here are some reasons to choose Houston EB5 as your EB-5 regional center: 

Who We Are

Houston EB5 was founded in 2011, but our history goes back to when the EB-5 program first started in 1990; that’s when our founder immigrated to the U.S. through his own EB-5 investment. Houston EB5 was founded by immigrants who wanted to invest in the U.S. and become successful. As an immigrant-founded business, we want to help other immigrants succeed. We have developed several successful projects over the years. Our regional center offers a variety of projects and types of assistance throughout the process. 

What Houston EB5 Regional Center Has to Offer

Many regional centers act as middlemen when it comes to projects. They profit from raising funds and finding investors for the projects. They do not have any control over the success, which also leaves all the risk to the investor.

With Houston EB5, our regional center’s Principal is the same owner of each project we raise EB-5 capital for. We invest our own funds into the project, which also means we take on some of the risks. We receive our profits when the project is a success but can only do this after our EB-5 investors have been made whole, so your success is our success.

Continual Management

With our company, you don’t need to monitor the day-to-day operations or be involved other than your initial investment. We keep the project on track and provide reports to keep you informed. When you get an EB-5 green card, you can live anywhere in the U.S. and not be limited by the project’s location.

Assistance When You Need It

Another benefit of working with Houston EB5 is that we can provide assistance to our investors. We help you analyze your investment options, determine your eligibility, and even assist you with getting approved. Our team also works with your immigration attorney to help provide what you need when filing petitions and filling out forms. 

Specific documentation is required when applying for your conditional visa and when having the conditions removed. Houston EB5 provides all the necessary paperwork for the project portion of the petition you must file for your visa. 

We keep detailed records of the project to show that you have fulfilled your obligation as an investor. Our team provides you with the necessary records for filing taxes as well. 

Start the EB-5 Process with Houston EB5

You can find out if you are eligible for this program when you talk to our team at Houston EB5. Fill out our questionnaire and choose your project to begin your journey. We can help provide you with the tools and expertise needed to streamline this process. Our team is here to assist you throughout the process. Contact Houston EB5 to take the first step in getting your visa.