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Houston EB5 Announces USCIS I-956F Approval for The Frederick

Houston EB5 proudly shares a significant milestone achieved with the I-956F Project Approval for The Frederick from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) under the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act (RIA).

This significant approval demonstrates the project’s strict compliance with the latest regulations of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program and sets The Frederick as a vanguard project for rural area EB-5 investment in Texas. It marks a pivotal moment in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of rural EB-5 projects and contributes to the diversification and strengthening of investment opportunities in rural areas.

The I-956F Approval: A Game-Changer for EB-5 Investors

The I-956F approval for The Frederick is more than just a regulatory milestone; it’s a green light for investors seeking the American dream through rural investment. This certification now provides a stable path that I-526E Petitions for Conditional Residency linked to The Frederick will be approved, contingent on the approvability of the Source and Path of Funds. In a significant boost to investor confidence, Houston EB5 now estimates the processing times for I-526Es associated with The Frederick to be an impressive 3-6 months, thanks to the improved efficiency of USCIS processing.

Why The Frederick is a Premier EB-5 Investment

Fredericksburg offers a unique blend of historical significance and modern appeal in the picturesque heart of Texas Hill Country. The Frederick project stands out as a beacon of opportunity, poised to capitalize on the city’s annual influx of over 1.2 million visitors with limited competition due to a high barrier to market entry and limited supply. With a strategic focus on hotel, residential, and retail developments on a prime 22-acre site, The Frederick represents a cornerstone of future growth and development in Fredericksburg.

Advantages of Investing in The Frederick

  • Accelerated USCIS Processing: The I-956F approval ensures a streamlined and efficient path through the immigration process, with I-526E petition processing times significantly reduced to 3-6 months.
  • Strategic Location: Leverage the city’s high visitor traffic and close proximity to two of the nation’s fastest-growing MSAs: Austin and San Antonio. Close proximity to MSAs signifies a lower cost to construct and a larger target market than rural projects that are hundreds of miles away from a major city.
  • Vertically Integrated Developer and Regional Center: Our structure as a regional center and developer through DC Partners ensures that our financial interests are aligned with our EB-5 investors: we can only succeed after you do.

Leveraging Comprehensive Rural Area Data for EB-5 Investment Success

The importance of selecting an EB-5 investment project in a rural area with a solid foundation for growth cannot be overstated. Unlike urban projects, where data is more readily available, rural investments require diligent research to uncover opportunities that offer both a high potential for return and priority in EB-5 processing., a leading think tank focused on the economic transformation of the American Heartland, has conducted comprehensive research identifying the Most Dynamic Micropolitan Areas. These areas are recognized for their resilience, economic diversity, growth potential, connectivity, and regional tourism appeal, making them prime candidates for rural EB-5 investment.

The Frederick, located in Fredericksburg, Texas, embodies these characteristics, positioned less than 1.5 hours’ drive from the burgeoning metros of Austin and San Antonio. This proximity to large urban centers ensures reduced construction costs and access to a vast market, crucial factors for the success of any rural EB-5 project. Please read this blog to discover the top rural areas for EB-5 investments and understand the key drivers for project success.

Houston EB5 invites investors to seize this unparalleled opportunity. With limited investment spaces remaining, now is the time to secure your place in an unparalleled rural EB-5 project. Join us in shaping a legacy of prosperity and success in a town founded by immigrants with The Frederick.