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Simplifying USCIS and Project Requirements: How We Can Help

If you want to come to the United States on an EB 5 visa, you are probably looking at projects that qualify. You may be searching for a Regional Center to help you with your investment. Houston EB5 can help you navigate the requirements with USCIS that allow you to become a permanent resident in the US.

Eligibility Requirements

You may want to come to the US to work or connect your loved ones with educational resources. Through the EB-5 Visa, the investor, their spouse, and unmarried children who are 21 years old or younger can receive a green card if they meet eligibility requirements.

To qualify, you must be able to make a minimum investment of $800,000 in US dollars for five years. You must also prove where the money was sourced. It can come from your salary or the liquidation of a business. It can also be from an approved investment or inheritance. Money from a mortgage, loan, or gift can also be valid.

You can fill out the contact form from Houston EB5 or call to find out more about your eligibility. Once it is determined that you are eligible, you will need to complete an application and provide documentation for your investment.

Program Overview

The EB-5 Program came about in 1990 when section 203(b) was included in the Immigration and Nationality Act. This section allowed for a fifth employment-based category for immigrant visas. They can be granted to foreign investors who are looking for a US business.

The investment must be in a US business that will benefit the economy. It must also create or preserve at least ten full-time jobs. The initial amount of the investment must be $1,050,000 unless it is made in an area recognized as rural or that is struggling with high unemployment. These areas are referred to as Target Employment Areas (TEAs). The program provides around 10,000 green cards each year. 2,000 of these are set aside for rural project investors. 

How We Assist With Your EB5 Visa

You must follow several steps to get your permanent green card to live in the US. Houston EB5 helps you through this process from day one.

Finding the Right Project

One of the main ways we assist you is by finding the right project for your investment. We only choose projects that we will invest in ourselves to facilitate a lower risk for our investors. We want to protect your money and make sure it works for you for the entire five years. Instead of acting as the middlemen by matching investors with projects, we offer projects that we put our own funds into.

Houston EB5 provides a complete timeline for the process. We aim to help you understand what you need to do and which deadlines you’ll need to meet. Our goal is to see that your application is approved with all the necessary documentation.

Receiving the Conditional Green Card

The next step is for you to have an immigration attorney fill out the I-526 petition and file it with USCIS. You will be required to provide documentation to support your application, which Houston EB5 can help with.

For your application to be approved, you must provide documentation of the project. We’ll take care of this part of the application and provide all requested documents. For instance, it must show that you have invested in the project with an approved business plan. We will show evidence that the investment is located within a specific geographic area that qualifies for the corresponding EB5 category.

If you are investing in a TEA, we must show evidence to support local employment statistics. Evidence must also show that the investment is in a project that protects or adds at least ten full-time jobs to the local US economy.

As the investor, you are required to provide personal and financial documentation. While this is your responsibility, we are here as an additional resource if you have questions.

Non-Conditional Green Card

Once you have been approved for the conditional green card, you will move to the US with any approved family members. During this time, we manage the project so you can focus on other things. You aren’t required to be involved in the investment once you have fulfilled your financial obligations.

Near the end of the one- to two-year EB-5 Visa processing period, you will need to apply with your immigration attorney to have the conditions removed from your green card. You file the I-829 petition with accompanying documentation.

Once again, Houston EB5 helps you with this process by providing documentation to support your petition. It must show that you invested the required funds and that the investment was sustained during the five years. Various documents may be required. These can include bank statements, business invoices, licenses, contracts, federal and state income tax returns, and quarterly tax statements.

We must also show the number of full-time employees that were in place at the start of the business and the number that are employed at the time of the updated application. This may include payroll records or other tax documents.

Once these documents have been received with the petition, the conditions can be removed from your green cards. This allows you and your family to live in the United States as fully-fledged citizens.

Get Support With Your EB 5 Visa

With the burdens of investment and extensive documentation on your shoulders, we’re here to help. You need someone who will guide you through the complex, time-consuming process. Houston EB5 keeps detailed records of all projects and their day-to-day operations to provide to the USCIS.

We have established a longstanding reputation as a leading Texas regional center since our founding in 2011. We have maintained a 100% project success rate since 2013 while sharing the risk by investing our own capital into every project. As the principal owner of each project, we can reduce the risk and increase the return for the investors. We profit from the success of the projects, which enhances our interest in its sustainability on your behalf as well.

If you want to apply for an EB-5 Visa, check out our projects and talk to our team at Houston EB5. Contact us to find out how we can help you move to the US as an investor.