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Our Timeline: Securing Permanent US Residency

You may wonder how long it will take to achieve permanent residency in the US with an EB5 green card. Houston EB5 can help you get your green card when you participate in the Regional Center Pilot Program and invest in one of our projects. Here is some information about how long it will take to secure your permanent green card and what will happen along this timeline.

Overview of the Process

A new employment-based category was established for preferred immigrant visas in 1990 under the Immigration and Nationality Act in section 203(b). This section allowed foreign investors who qualified to invest in a US business to receive a green card. The EB-5 Program began.

Around 10,000 green cards are available with this program each year. To qualify, the investor must invest an initial amount of $1,050,000 to a qualifying project that maintains or adds at least 10 full-time jobs. If the area is in a Target Employment Area (TEA) of high unemployment or rural location, the investment minimum goes down to $800,000.

Find Out if You Qualify

The first step is to find out if you qualify. Your timeline begins when you contact Houston EB5 to determine if you are eligible. We have headquarters in Houston with locations in Nigeria, Mexico, and the Philippines.

To qualify, you should have at least one million dollars in US currency to invest in a US business. You don’t need any previous business experience or minimum level of education or even to speak English. You will need to show proof that your funds were obtained by legal means, which may include a salary, investments, a lawful business, a loan, or a gift.

Once you have determined that you are eligible for a green card through this program, you can submit a questionnaire to Houston EB5. We will provide offering and subscription documents that you must review and sign. You must also put your funds in an escrow account for the project.

File Petition

You will need to file an I-526 petition through an immigration attorney. This petition goes to the USCIS with supporting documentation showing that you meet all requirements of the program. Once your petition is approved, you will receive a conditional green card, which will allow you to move to the US. This green card is valid for two years.

Houston EB5 provides all documentation of the project you are investing in, including any evidence that the project is located in a targeted employment area if you chose this path. We must also provide evidence that you have made the investment according to an approved business plan and that the project will create at least ten full-time jobs.

The investor is responsible for providing personal documentation, including a copy of their passport and those of family members moving with them. They must also provide evidence that they are investing in the project and register their household.

The investor must provide evidence that they own the business and any business licenses they have. They will also be required to show the past five years of tax returns and bank statements. If you own multiple businesses, you must show financial statements for each one and any evidence of other sources of your capital.

Freedoms with a Conditional Green Card

During the two years, you can live anywhere in the US. You aren’t required to live in Houston or near your project. You can work anywhere in any kind of job. After receipt of conditional permanent resident status, you will enjoy all the benefits that come with being a permanent resident. Your children can attend school anywhere they wish and your spouse can also work wherever they choose.

You don’t need to manage your project or be involved in it in any way. This is a limited partnership, and you fulfill the requirements through your financial investment.

Removing Conditions From Your Green Card

One year and nine months after receiving your conditional green card, you will need to have your attorney complete Form I-829, which asks for the conditions to be removed. You will need to provide documentation of your investment and that the requirement for job creation was met with the project. Houston EB5 will help with the necessary documents needed for the project.

You will need to show that you maintained the investment for the full two years. This proof may be in the form of bank statements, business licenses, invoices and receipts, tax returns, and evidence of full-time employees.

Once the request to have the conditions removed, you will receive your permanent green card with no conditions. This allows you and your immediate family members to become permanent green card holders. Immediate family includes your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21.

Becoming US Citizens

You will have all the privileges and responsibilities of all other permanent residents in the US with your green card. After five years, you may apply for citizenship or continue to live with your green card.

You may work outside of the US during this time if your job requires it. However, you must reside at least six months of the year in the US or it may be viewed that you abandoned your permanent residency.

Being a permanent resident has most of the same benefits as being a natural citizen. You aren’t able to vote, and you may not receive some public benefits. You will need to file taxes and follow all other laws. Once you submit an application for naturalization and it’s approved, you can enjoy all the benefits of being a natural-born citizen.

Get Your EB5 Green Card With Houston EB5

Houston EB5 can help you get your EB5 green card by connecting you with investments in one of our projects. We’ll assist you in gathering the necessary paperwork to file your petition for a green card. Since we invest in all our own projects, we can answer your questions. Our team can help you determine the best project for your investment.

Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for a green card with this program. Let Houston EB5 partner with you for your future.