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How We’ll Help You Navigate the I-829 Petition

Filing the I-829 Form is one of the final steps of the EB-5 visa process and the route to becoming a permanent resident, with the possibility of becoming a United States citizen. When filing for a visa through an EB-5 regional center, you will have an extension of conditional residency until your I-829 petition is approved. This form is a petition the investor files to remove conditions on the conditional resident status. The approval gives you a permanent green card, and you can then apply for US citizenship after five years.

Houston EB5 can help you through all phases of the EB-5 process.

3 Ways Houston EB5 Can Help With I-829

Houston EB5 is a certified EB-5 regional center recognized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). We have helped to sponsor more than 1,500 green cards through our projects by focusing on structuring compliant EB-5 raises that have yielded numerous I-526E and I-829 approvals. The I-526E form’s approval is dependent upon satisfactory documentation from the investor regarding the legal source and path of funds. The I-829 approval is dependent upon verification of the investment and the job-creation aspect of EB-5 — each investor must create 10 jobs. You can file your I-829 petition as early as 90 days before your two-year conditional period ends. While the USCIS adjudicates your I-829 petition, your conditional residency stay can be extended. Here are three ways Houston EB5 will help:

1. Satisfying Petition Requirements

EB-5 investors filing the I-829 petition must show that they have fulfilled the EB-5 visa requirements on the conditional permanent resident green card. This includes proof of the commercial enterprise, capital investment, and that the 10 needed jobs were created. Houston EB5 has had 100% success on I-829 petitions. We will help you provide the relevant documentation needed so you enjoy a smooth I-829 petition process. Here are some components included in the I-829 petition:

  • Green Card: Photocopy of conditional resident cards for investors and family members.
  • Commercial Enterprise: Federal tax returns proving the existence of the commercial enterprise that you invested in.
  • Capital Investment: Bank slips, audited financial statements, and other evidence to prove the commercial enterprise received the investor’s funds.
  • Enterprise Longevity: Payroll records, tax documents, contracts, and licenses to prove the commercial enterprise has existed for at least two years.
  • Minimum Employees: Economic impact report, payroll records, and relevant tax documents proving the commercial enterprise created or aided in the creation of at least 10 employees as required.

Houston EB5 can help your attorney review the I-829 requirements to provide a successful petition.

2. File the I-829 Petition

Filing the I-829 petition can be much easier if you work with leading EB-5 experts. When you work with us, you are leaving this process to one of the most successful EB-5 regional centers and elite qualified immigration attorneys experienced in all EB-5 matters. 

I-829 petition processing can take years. Even small errors can cause holdups. Houston EB5 specializes in providing all the needed documentation to EB-5 immigration attorneys to help immigrants prevent mistakes throughout this process.

While many people filing the I-829 petition are usually in the U.S., the process can be completed from anywhere. Our team can help your attorney process the necessary documents and gather the evidence to go along with the application.

3. Keep Up With Updates

Processing the I-526E and I-829 forms can take several months. During the long wait, you must abide by all requirements and maintain a clean track record. Keep tabs on emerging developments, including all notices from the USCIS.

Houston EB5 can help you stay updated about the regional center and general developments relating to EB-5 visas. You can visit the USCIS website and the I-829 page for the latest notices and requirements as well.

A beneficiary of the EB-5 program founded our company, so we know what it takes to achieve successful applications. Staying up to date on the latest news and notices can help you optimize your process. Houston EB5 can help you meet deadlines and all application guidelines.

We can let you know the dates for biometric appointments, application deadlines, fee payments, and other aspects. Our goal is to continue holding a 100% successful track record by helping immigrants become lawful U.S. residents via the EB-5 program. We have immigration experts and attorneys equipped with the latest information and directives, so Houston EB5 is ready to assist you on the path to U.S. citizenship.

EB-5 Regional Center in Texas

Houston EB5 is a certified EB-5 regional center in Texas. We work diligently to provide success for clients looking for I-526E and I-829 approvals. Our team has helped to sponsor more than 1,500 green cards. Call 281-545-7943 to speak to our expert consultants for more information about EB-5 visas.