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Regional Center Due Diligence

The EB-5 immigrant investor program allows foreign investors to apply for and receive permanent residency in the United States by investing in job-creating projects within the country. Investors can either invest in a direct EB-5 project or through a regional center. EB-5 regional centers are entities approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS, to sponsor investments and facilitate the creation of indirect jobs. While investing through regional centers is a convenient option, it is helpful for investors to conduct due diligence before choosing one.

Here are some key factors for investors to consider when evaluating EB-5 regional centers:

Regional Center History & Experience

When choosing an EB-5 regional center, investors should consider the level of experience each prospective center has. Determine when the center was established and how long its administration has been operating in the EB-5 field. A more experienced center can benefit from increased familiarity with the workings of the EB-5 program, helping create a smoother application process. Houston EB5 is an example of the power of experience. Houston EB5 has been operating for over a decade, and it was founded by immigrants who completed the EB-5 program. This gives our team extensive experience on both sides of the process, which we can use to help investors.

Regional Center Track Record

Time in the industry is not the only indicator of a quality regional center. It is worthwhile for investors to look into a regional center’s track record of successful EB-5 projects. Research the regional center’s history of project approvals and the number of permanent residencies granted to investors. It may also be helpful to research the regional center’s past projects and their return on investment rates. A high project success rate is a reasonable expectation. Houston EB5 has held a 100% project success rate since 2013. Our center has secured over 1,400 green cards for investors in that period.

Project Viability

Regional centers sponsoring projects typically indicates that the project has a good chance of success. Investors should examine the viability of the EB-5 projects they’re considering. Regional center team members can explain to investors the regional center’s business plan and market analysis, and what makes projects most likely to succeed. This can be helpful information for determining the project’s viability and learning about the regional center’s approach and priorities. Houston EB5 contributes to the viability of our sponsored projects by functioning as the project developer instead of simply an intermediary party. Taking on responsibility for the success of each project enhances our commitment to creating opportunities with the highest chance for success.

Regional Center Compliance

Investors should determine whether their regional center is in full compliance with the USCIS rules and regulations. Be wary of regional centers that have been cited for noncompliance, as this can delay the processing of an investor’s immigration petition. Top EB-5 regional centers are prepared to provide information about their compliance history. Houston EB5 has carefully maintained USCIS compliance throughout our operations.

Timing & Investor Protection Measures

When considering specific EB-5 projects, consider their proposed timing, including the expected completion date and the timeline for obtaining permanent residency. A clear plan for each step of the process sets realistic expectations and allows for contingencies. Investors should also verify that the regional center offers investor protection measures, like escrow accounts. At Houston EB5, we take advantage of program options like targeted employment areas and indirect job creation to help investors meet program requirements quickly. Investors working with Houston EB5 have completed the program in as little as 24 months. Houston EB5 also protects investor funds with a project escrow account during the process.

Legal Review

Investors can get help navigating the legal obligations of the EB-5 program from an immigration attorney. By understanding the legal ramifications of investing in a regional center and their rights and obligations, investors can confidently navigate the process. A quality regional center like Houston EB5 can work closely with immigration attorneys throughout the process. We provide key legal documents in coordination with your attorney to prove when your project is complete. Because Houston EB5 also functions as a developer on projects, we help to streamline the legal process with fewer points of third-party contact.

EB-5 Regional Center Due Diligence Makes Investing Easier

Navigating the EB-5 program and the various project offerings from different regional centers does not need to be intimidating. By thoroughly researching regional centers and projects before investing, applicants can make confident, well-informed investment choices. Careful due diligence will show that the Houston EB5 team meets the standards for an excellent regional center. With our legal and financial assistance, permanent residency through the EB-5 program is an attainable goal. Contact Houston EB5 today to schedule a free consultation.