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Can I make money with my EB-5 Investment?

While the primary goal of the EB-5 program is to secure a visa, some Regional Center projects offer the potential for an attractive return on investment, although this is not guaranteed and depends greatly on the structure of a project and how the funds of the EB-5 Investment Partnership are deployed to the project.

In EB-5 terms, the EB-5 Investment Partnership or Company is known as the New Commercial Enterprise (NCE) and the Project is known as the Job Creating Entity (JCE). In the 3rd Party Regional Center model, the Regional Center is not the owner of the project and profits greatly from fundraising. These 3rd Party Regional Centers lend the NCE funds to the JCE at about 9% per year. They typically pay the EB-5 Investor less than 1%. This model can add significant risk to the EB-5 investors not seeing a full repayment of their investments due to high sunk financing costs.

However, in a Vertically Regional Center and Developer, the EB-5 funds enter into the project as preferred equity or genuine low-cost debt that are distributed when the project is successful.