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What is an “escrow” account and when does the investor transfer the money into this account?

An Escrow Bank Account is a legal holding account established in a reputable bank. This type of account is commonly used in the sale of real estate, businesses, and personal property. In order to comply with the requirements of the EB-5 program, an investor must transfer the $800,000 USD or $1,050,000 USD capital investment to the project Escrow Account before filing their I-526E Petition for an EB-5 visa. Part of the application process requires the investor to prove that the investment amount has been invested in the United States. Typically, proof of invested capital consists of Wire Transfer receipts and Confirmation of Funds letters issued by the bank or the Regional Center. It’s worth noting that reputable projects will not release your funds from the Escrow Account until the USCIS issues a formal receipt notice of your petition.