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What is a Job Creating Entity (JCE)?

The Job Creating Entity (JCE) is a project entity that obtains the EB-5 capital from the New Commercial Enterprise (NCE) and is responsible for generating at least 10 jobs for each EB-5 investor. In cases of direct, standalone EB-5 investments, the NCE and JCE often are the same entity, with the EB-5 investor playing an active role in the business’s decision-making or daily operations. For these direct investments, only direct job creation can be counted. Conversely, in Regional Center investments, the NCE and JCE are typically distinct entities. Regional Center projects have the benefit of counting not only direct jobs, but also indirect and induced jobs created by the JCE to fulfill the job creation requirements of EB-5 investors of the NCE. This makes job creation more plentiful and predictable.